Tubes ... then transistors ... then IC's ...
than LSI .... VLSI ... and now
TUBES again ??? !!!
What are the modeling amp folks going to do as solid state devices become scarce in
the future as tubes come back as what may resurface as the premium form of audio

Don't PANIC!  Its already being done as we are sleeping.... new high end PC
motherboards that have gone high speed, whiz bang graphics, cryrogenic cooled
components, and who knows what else ....  and now, after the ever raising goal of
cybernetic perfection with it's latest increase of the technology bar is upon us, the
sound aspects of digital multi media are upon us with a VACUUM TUBE for audio, is
coming back into today's high tech world.

Many aspects of computer design have pushed the limits of engineering talent and
manufacturing, but it seems that in the quest for perfection, the vacuum tube was
once again identified as the ideal.

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