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Updated 10/20/03
TrueTone Music is located at 714 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica ( 90401 ) just seven blocks from
the beach.  They can be reached by phone at 310-393-8232 and their fax number is on their website.

This location is pretty special to me.  Just across the street, long before most of you were born, was a
store called Ace Music.  Ace is gone, as is Cunningham Music (the Fender dealer from the 50s and 60s
on Lincoln that was close by), but TrueTone carries on the tradition of a store that caters to guitar
players, their instruments, amps, and effects.  I grew up at stores like these, and spent virtually every
penny I earned working over the summers as a kid.

TrueTone has what may be called an extreme level of expertise.  The folks there are all in the top of
the industry.  Sure this is a great place to buy an amp or guitar, or a pedal effect, but it is also the
place to get a lot of help and questions answered.

TrueTone carries what may be the most complete and extensive line of guitar amps around.  I can not
even being to list them all, but will try to list some in a moment.  They have a superb guitar inventory,
and every pedal known to man, so this is maybe the only place you can to to try and compare them all.

Some aspects of TrueTone - Full range of new guitars, basses, amps - Hard to find strings and
accessories - Custom oxygen-free Quantum cables - Tons of clean used gear - They buy select used
instruments - They love Trade-ins - Mini drum kits, toy pianos, ukeleles, banjos, congas, lap steels, and
other fun stuff -  Large selection of harmonicas - and a massive 20 foot high Guitar Wall

Some of the lines they carry ...........Almansa, Alvarez, Ampeg, Antiquity, Ashdown, L.R. Baggs, Joe
Barden, Big Briar Theremins and Mooger Foogers, Bigsby, Bixonic (Expandora), Cort (Curbow bass),
Crate, Seymour Duncan, EBS, Electroharmonics, Elixir, Epiphone, Evans, Lindy Fralin, Fulltone Effects,
G&L, Gibson Custom Shop, Gibson Historic Collection, Gibson Montana Acoustics, Goodrich, Gretsch,
Guyatone, Hofner, Hohner, Jerry Jones, Johnson, Kustom, Lace, Carl Martin, Maxon, Roger Mayer,
Menatone, Music Man, Orange, Pignose, Polytone, Pyramid, Rickenbaker, Rivera, Roy Noble, Smokies
Amps, Spector, Tacoma, Tech 21, Tone King, Top Hat, Voodoo Labs, Woman Tone, Z-Vex and much

I think what impresses me most though, from a personal standpoint, is their amp lines.  They have
Rivera amps, and the most extensive Dr. Z inventory of perhaps any store anyplace.  They have the
great effects from Zachary Vex.  If you cannot find an amp for your tastes here, then you are going to
have to read a book or two, and design and build your own.

One of the main reasons I added TrueTone to my website, in fact, THE reason, was that I have a lot of
clients that shop there.  TrueTone kept coming up in conversation, over and over.  All the comments
were always great, and folks kept telling me that I had to put them in here, as they were perhaps the
best music store when it came to amps in So Cal.  Well, sure they have killer guitars and a lot of other
stuff, but with all the comments coming my way, and after talking to at least a dozen amp makers (by
the way, if an amp you want is not on the list above, it is probably due to their website not being
updated completely), all of the amp makers loved these folks.

If you have your heart set on something like a Victoria, THD, Dr. Z, amps that are on this list, and amps
that are not .... call them.
A very cool device - the smooth
and slim - fixes a lot of issues with
Fender Tolex era amps and many
Mesa amps.   

The info over on their website is a
bit older by a few years, with  
$75.00 price mentioned,  These
now sell for $85.00 through a few
selected dealers.

The one I looked at was at True
Tone Music in Santa Monica CA.  
They ship anywhere, so if you are
interested, give them a call.

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True Tone has guitars galore .... electric, acoustic (with
great acoustic rooms to try them out), more pedals than
perhaps anybody on the planet perhaps, and they carry
and stock more amp lines than anybody in my area.  Their
vintage amp inventory is always changing.

They have the most extensive pick collection known to
man.  On one wall is a huge board with a lot of picks shown
... I think there may be over 200.  On one counter are the
cool Tusk Buffer picks seen here that so many folks have