APR 01 2004
The Finest Audio Recording Facilities on the Planet
Many folks know my take on amps, mics, and tone in general.  Some say I am picky, or a perfectionist.  Some
may even say I can be anal about these things.

Today, January 28th 2004, I am adding this page to this website.

I have been in more recording studios and facilities than I can even begin to count.  My typical mind's picture of a
studio in most cases, is what many of you have also seen.  Dirty carpet, trash that need to be emptied,  Stains
from years of late night and early morning sessions are common.  

Many studios have their strong points and weak points.  It is not uncommon to see where the money goes in
many studios.  Lots of money on equipment at times as the expense of a great working environment.  Money on
equipment at the expense of staff expertise.  Studios where you walk in to a shabby lobby and get some dude or
"dudette" behind the glass sliding panel with piles of generic "crud" strewn around their area.

There are some great studios out there.  In this area of this website, I will point out some of what I feel are stellar
examples.  I am not even looking at rates for these places.  Rates are very misleading.  With the right work
environment, staff, and equipment, you can do more in four hours at $500.00 per hour, than you can in a
bargain place at half the cost, as the end result may take forty hours and not be a top effort.

The great studios can take your "homework" done in your own home studio on applications such as ProTools,
port it over to their platforms, and lend the touches and expertise to truly polish your end product.  The right
studio has a lot of experience in producing high end products for very upscale and professional markets.  If you
think you have a great product that you produced yourself, but are not having the best results trying to get the
product to be looked at in a serious way, this may be the bit of magic you need ... some hours booked with the
pros in the industry.
You may also
click on the
image at the left
to be taken to the
extensive Levels
Audio website
Levels Audio  1606 Highland Avenue Hollywood CA.
(South of Hollywood Blvd and North of Sunset Blvd).

This Hollywood facility has to be one of the most impressive facilities I have ever seen.  

Every aspect, and I mean EVERY aspect of this facility has been thought out to the most minute detail.

From the outside; there is secure parking.  Two areas for parking.

There are proper load in / load out facilities.  

If you are into doing physical stuff, they also have a basketball setup, which is not exactly my cup-o-meat, but
some folks may like that too.

The equipment:  Well, let me just say I will direct you to their website where this will be covered.  I will not get
into pre-production, post-production, film, etc.  These guys can do it all.

The facility:  Let me again say, look at their website and take time to really explore it all.  Levels is a place where
one can be very creative.  They spent as much on decor as on equipment, and there is really no room for much
improvement in either area.

The staff:  Covered some on their website, but
very under stated an they are too modest.   These folks are
truly worth their weight in gold.  This is true talent and ability.  Anthony Marinelli is a master composer and
keyboard player.  He has scored many films.  He was also the keyboard player for many of the top acts in rock.  
Clint Bennett, the Chief Engineer at the Music Forever part of this complex, is a real player.  He plays guitar and
knows amps.    On a visit to Levels, Clint had a grand piano micd through a GT ViPRE for a ViPRE trial, patched
up, recording, running the ViPRE (which was new to him) and playing back the results in ten minutes.  Clint is a
guy that is very much a master of his craft.  Clint is also the kind of fellow that will make your ten hours of work
in most studios drop to five hours with better end results.

Levels Audio is really a group of facilities.  There is Music Forever, Levels Audio Post (Brian S. McLaughlin who
is the machine room operator and sound designer), and other divisions.  Brian Riordan is the owner of the
facility.   All these groups and folks work with each other in a very tight and professional manner.  If you call
over there, they know how to direct you to the right folks in a flash.

You should
really look at their website at http://www.levelsaudio.com as this is just one more example of
their attention to detail.   Do not skip any of the flash intros or flash work.  It is all worth the time spent viewing
these things, either for informational content or artistic content.  One of the finest websites I have ever seen.

For any friends of mine that end up at these facilities, I would supply my blueprinting services on your amp at
the time at the facility prior to recording and work directly with you and their staff for the best end result.  My
normal $165.00 per hour charge for on location non-client fee would be waived.  This may show how I feel
about this facility and that I am willing to put my time and money where my mouth is.

Go look at their website.  These folks hold the magic, skills, and the tools to help you turn any recording project
into a masterpiece which will be noticed where in the past the end result was overlooked.  Using folks like these
are your ace in the hole in the music or entertainment business.