Resume  - Myles S. Rose
Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting - Owner, West Hills CA
October 2001 - Present full time.  
(1982-2001 part time evenings and weekend while in the corporate sector)

  • Musical instrument amplifier design, service, construction, and modification.
  • Perform guitar amplifier clinics at various music stores in the Southern California area.
  • On location studio support for recording musicians.
  • Provide on location tour support for performing groups and musicians; Carl Verheyen, Brad Paisley band, Brooks and Dunn (Lou Toomey
    and Tony King), Eric Halbig,  Scott Patton and Thad Beaty (Sugarland), The Wreckers, Zakk Wylde, Loretta Lynn, Buddy Whittington (John
    Mayall's Bluesbreakers), Jimmy Messina, John March and many others.
  • Moderator for The Amp Show (  Tone Wizzards panel.  This show has run for six years in Los Angeles and also runs in
    New York.  Additional photos and information can be seen at
  • Consult to guitar amplifier manufacturers such as 65Amps, Matchless, Dr. Z, ValveTrain and others.
  • Moderator on the Dr. Z amp forum and in the guitar forum at Music Player (Guitar Player Magazine) in the ask the experts column or the
    feel free to ask Myles column.  
  • Provide on a consultant basis expertise on vacuum tube technology.

My current website is at:

May 2002 - August 15, 2008 (In June 2008 Groove Tubes was sold to Fender and August 15, 2008 GT closed its doors)
Groove Tubes LLC
1543 Truman Street San Fernando CA.  91340

  • Head of SAG (Special Applications Group) - hand picking / testing of tubes with specific test parameters to guitarists specific applications,
    studio applications, and to yield specific performance and tone qualities.  A low level example of this was the MHG (Marshall High Gain kit
    that was developed by me long before I came to GT which GT sold as a product)
  • Head Tech Support - the highest level of support within GT
  • Contributing author Groove Tubes Tube Amp Book (over 100,000 copies sold) and technical editor
  • Vacuum tube development and engineering (GT exclusive 6L6GE, 6L6CHP, EL34M xf-2, 12AX7M, 5751M, 5881C)
  • Website development for online sales - all online sales was also my direct job.
  • Guitar amplifier design
  • Please look at Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting website for additional detailed information at

For a letter of recommendation from my employer for the last six plus years CLICK HERE

9/1991 - 10/2001
Infonet Services Corp
El Segundo CA.
Various positions

  • Networks Telephony Corporation, Calabasas CA (April 1997 to October 2001)
    Fully owned subsidiary of Infonet Services Corporation formed in April 1997

  • Vice President of Operations and Engineering

  • NTC was a pioneer in VoIP (voice over IP) design and technology.  The Microsoft H323 communications protocol was refined by NTC.
  • Developed the platform the allowed voice over not only IP networks but also over X.25, Frame Relay, and ATM networks.
  • Managed the global frame relay / ATM network for our global customer base
  • Created and implemented the Network Operations Center serving four international regions on a 24x7 basis.
  • Developed CBR (constant bit rate) applications and hardware for voice and video transmission over public and secure private data
    networks. This was the initial effort and product in the voice over IP efforts emerging today.
  • Infonet
  • All the positions noted below were all my responsibility at the same time.   Please think that these were my various positions within Infonet
    over my years with them, I performed all these jobs at the same day, each day, globally, on a 24x7 basis.

Infonet Services Corp prior to NTC division

Manager - Advanced Technologies Group
Designed advanced frame, cell, ATM, and Broadband platforms.

Infonet is now BT Alliance -  During my tenure at Infonet I was in charge of three network platforms at all times; an IP platform
(Infolan), an x.25 network, and an ATM / Frame relay network.  Depending on a customer application requirement they could be on one of these
platforms or any combination of them at the same time.

Manager - Frame / Cell Engineering Group

Chief design interface  and technical leader from Infonet with Nortel and Northern Telecom in Canada and USA
  • Designed, maintained, supported and deployed the Nortel Magellan product line for Frame / Cell / ATM use. Worked as part of Nortel’s
    development effort.
  • Chief design interface and technical leader from Infonet with Nortel and Northern Telecom in Canada and USA
  • Deployed Passport data/voice networks in 50+ countries.  This network is now in over 140 countries and Infonet is now BT, British Telecom.
  • Performed various presentations and seminars at the request of Nortel, after successful deployment of a then new and untested

Manager -  X.25 Group

  • Designed, maintained, supported and deployed the Siemens EWSP platform. Over 100 nodes deployed in over 80 countries.
  • Chief design technical contact.  Worked very closely with Siemens in Boca Raton Florida and Munich Germany on all levels from
    engineering to Siemens executive management.

Manager - Infolan Group

  • Developed a global IP overlay network, which also won Data Products "Hot Product of the Year". Primary vendor contact for Cisco.
  • In less than two years this network platform went from the design phase to the winning of the above mentioned award.

Manager - Product Acceptance / Technical Support / Quality Assurance

  • Managed level II Tech support group
  • Managed product acceptance group which tested and certified vendor equipment
  • Received ISO 9002 certification
  • Maintained and operated engineering lab and development lab
  • Full P&L responsibility in all of the above positions at Infonet and NTC.  $7,000,000 annual budget.

8/1991 - 7/1982
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES Lexar/Memorex/Telex/Telenova Camarillo CA

Manager of Software Quality Assurance

  • Developed test systems for the verification of software for the companies line of voice / data switches and PBX systems which were
    distributed worldwide.

1/1981 - 7/1982

Manager of Diagnostic Development

  • Developed diagnostic software, for use in design and development of new hardware, in an advanced communications engine. Development
    of synthesized speech system as a pioneer in this field.

1/1980 - 1/1981
S & S MARINE SURVEYORS Marina Del Rey CA  Co-owner and founder
Founding Partner and Commercial Diver
· Conducted underwater marine surveys on boats, yachts, ships, docks, drilling platforms, and other marine structures on the USA West Coast.
· Performed salvage work, insurance and fraud investigation for Global Marine Insurance.

1/1974 - 1/1980
· Regional Logistics Manager for Western United States. 22.4% profit margin in my region. Company average was 4.7%.
· Regional Depot Manager with a staff of 60+ engineers with a 0%, 18 month attrition rate in my staff.
· Regional Depot Lead Engineer
· Regional Tech Support Engineer - hardware, software, and operating systems
· Regional Depot Technician
· Hardware Instructor

1/1973 - 1/1974
CONTROL DATA CORPORATION, Large Systems Division Downey CA
Customer Engineer - Hardware, Operating Systems on large scale mainframe computer systems.
· Assigned to STC (Satellite Tracking Center) with U.S. Air Force in Sunnyvale CA.
· Assigned to SDC (Systems Development Corporation) maintaining satellite tracking software.
· Assigned to CDC Sunnyvale Operations as one of eight engineers picked for Seymour Cray STAR 1B project.
· Secret clearance held while at CDC as this was an Air Force contract.

Earlier Employment and additional certifications.
· Apple Computer Corporation - Vivarium project – Music systems consultant for educational projects
· Consultant for U.S. Roland Corp. and Yamaha Corp.
· Malibu Sheriff Department 1984-1985
· Pilots license - Fixed wing, rotary wing, multi-engine, IFR
· PSSA - Pacific Single Handed Sailing Association (1979 - )
· Commercial diving certification to 200 meters on mixed gas

EDUCATION: 6/1973 USC US-CA-Los Angeles
Bachelor's Degree
- Architectural Engineering

6/1976 Westlawn Naval Architecture Institute US-NT-New York
Master's Degree - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

1/1973 Control Data Institute US-CA-Los Angeles
Certification - 1000 Hour hardware course.

12/1967 United States Navy US-TN-Memphis
Certification - Air crew training, parachute training, small boat handling, AMS "A" school (aviation structural mechanic), aviation "P" school.

1967-1969 US Navy.

Certifications and licenses

Numerous training and schools in areas of technical and personal development. Some of the companies included Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, IBM,
Dell, Lucent, Ascend, Dialogic, Sequent, DEC, DGC.

Some of the areas of focus were; Checkpoint firewall systems and applications, IDS and various forms of intrusiond detection, harware
installation, software installation and certification, ISO 900X, Network operations, customer relations and marketing on a global basis.

USYRU #77674  (United States Yacht Racing Union)
Pilots License
Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association Member
U.S. Merchant Marine - Captains License Unlimited Tonnage - Engineers License Diesel / Steam

SKILLS (Data communications, computer, management and misc)
Decker Communications Courses
Microsoft NT
Checkpoint Firewall systems
Intrusion Detection Systems
Merchant Marine Master Captains License
Voice over IP / Frame / ATM
Wide Area Network architect
Cisco Engineer / Developer
Siemens EWSP Engineer / Developer
Pilot - Multi Eng / IFR / Rotary Wing
Nortel Magellan - Developed MMTC
Lucent / Ascend - Developer, Engineer, Operations
Global Network Operations
Server Configuration - IBM, Dell, HP, Gateway, CPQ
Burbank CA.  91505
Phone number and address on request

Strong experience - proven management skills, organizational skills, technical skills with a strong track record