My quest for a new home
Due to the state of the economy I am seeking a new place to live.  This page will have a few pieces of writing (I also have an ongoing dialogue on my
facebook page with many folks) dealing with various aspects of the economy
This my reply to a friend who gave me their take at what the President is doing.

Since I have been writing a bit on this subject I will start something of an overall note here and

This is a comment from a friend.....

hey myles, saw your recent status updates. good, or not so good, depending on one's outlook,
we seem to be on the same page. i'm an optimistic realist. i have views steeeped in or skewed by
my religious/political persuasions.

you've got that genious level way of looking at things that intrigues me so, so feel free to
pontificate with me a little on the private side of what you see happening and coming. personally,
i fear for and prepare for(short of arming myself to the hilt, but i am capable of doing that) the

i have never really trusted ot distrusted government to the point that i let it affect my life. i always
argue with my conservative friends that trace go a record deal during the clinton administration,
and i got to go along for the ride and live out my dreams. government had nothing to do with
it........but now, i'm just scratching my head.

i just got an email from a dear friend calling obama a pathelogical narcissist., i read it and it
made sense to me, atleast in that, it explains what i percieve as insanity, being sold to the
american public, or at least half of us. i watched in befuzzlement at the masses gatered in
chicago on election night and in dc at the inaugeration, tears streaming down, thinking that this
'man', was going to pull them up out of their misery.....

i'll stop now, and anxiously await your replie.

i'm heading out the door now to get in my bus to head to nyc, i'll have some free time, so i'll try to
make it by manny's, anyone i can say hi to.?


My reply ....

I think that looking at Obama is not the basic issue here.

The country is messed up and our government is great at covering things up when things get
bad. Even when things are not bad there are things that go on that are not right. Look at the
"high times" of just a year or so ago where there were people making tons of money illegally
swindling others (which was one of many factors in the problems today) and banks making bad
loans using judgment and standards which were poor and substandard which also was a factor
in the current problems. The current state of things are much akin to a roller coaster coming
down a 1,000 foot drop that should have had a block put under its wheels near the top of the
drop point. Now it is too late and we have not come close to the bottom. I personally feel that at
the bottom there is a turn rather than a straight rise and there will be no way to stay on the track.
There will be collateral damage when the end is reached but eventually people will move on with
their lives in a different way as they will not have many other options. For those that do not think
this is the case, they need to open their eyes and see the collateral damage that has already
become so real to many others. The loss of their homes, the crime rate increase, people who
have worked in good faith their entire lives who have lost everything, the tent cities in major
cities such as Sacramento California and other places. No matter what the President or our
government does in the future, for too many people it is already too late. They have lost
everything. When somebody looses everything and cannot afford to put a roof over their head
or feed their family it is not hard to see how things continue to degrade and raw emotions
surface and take over basic law abiding thinking.
I have a friend that is pretty high up in the
California teacher community that wrote me that
as if yesterday, 21,000 teachers have been
issued lay off notices.

I replied back to her with the companies on the
stock exchange for the last few days that have
posted layoffs ... and remember how many
companies are not stock companies that have

The company, date of layoff and number of

United Technologies 03/10/2009 11,600
McClatchy Co. 03/09/2009 1,600
Marvell Technology 03/05/2009 850
General Dynamics 03/05/2009 1,200
Chrysler LLC 03/04/2009 4,200
IMI PLC 03/04/2009 2,250
Monaco Coach Corp. 03/02/2009 2,000
HSBC 03/02/2009 6,100

I then also replied....

21,000 .... it just keeps getting worse each day.
Today the market was up which probably will
once again fall for a number of days again over
the next week.

Did you see the news last night where it was
about how they are changing how criminals are
sentenced? There was a priest of some sort
with four kids that could not buy food so he
robbed a bank. The amount of crime, robbery,
home invasion, etc is going through the roof.
There are a lot of desperate people with
nothing to loose and that is always a
dangerous situation that is getting worse each

Tent cities are now in many major city areas
and more are being erected every day.
Another comment from a friend....

Yea they just announced more budget cuts in
our county last week. I try not to think about
the fact that I may not have a job next year.
And you aint kidding about the crime being out
of hand...we just had a bomb threat at our
local Walmart this past weekend and three
bank robberies and home invasions are
becoming an everyday occurrence now
Another bit of my own writing ....

Whether folks can see it or not I personally
believe that what folks are calling a recession
is really a depression. When I was in Vietnam
one of the things I learned is how well our
government can defuse information that goes
public. Some of the other things I learned
were survival skills. I already knew how to
hunt, fish and shoot and my second wife
taught me about livestock, chickens and
agriculture (thank you Dawn).

I have been researching relocation and have
been talking to real estate folks about a few
places. Some of the most attractive spots are
in Tennessee and Missouri. Cost of living is
low, places are cheap and there is land,
hunting, fishing within walking distance of the

All I need now is a good Remington 870
shotgun for bird shooting. I already have a
great deer rifle and know how to dress game
and birds and prepare them for long term
storage. I am not an alarmist but the signs are
pretty darn clear even to a blind man. If
everything turns around in a few years I will
have someplace to call home if nothing else.

I will keep folks posted.
.... and ....

Manny's Music is New York is closing its

These folks have been around forever and
were an iconic store in the music industry.
Reports today from them which will hit the
news soon is that they are closing their
Here in California ...

Mexidus .... the reports are that Mexicans are
leaving California at an increased rate. It seems
as if the economy is not stable enough for
many of them to stay here. In service jobs such
as restaurant work so many places have closed
that work prospects are better in Mexico than
IRON CITY Tennessee.


4 bedroom (masterbedroom is 15 1/2' X 16" with large bathroom with dressing area, whirlpool tub,
separate shower and large 6 1/2' x 16' walkin closet), 2 bath home, new kitchen, central heat(gas) and
central air, tilt in windows, 3D shingles. Refrigerator, cook stove, built-in microwave and dishwasher
included. Nearly new 30 x 40 concrete floored shop with water (even has hot water, with some plumbing
already done for a bathroom)and electric, apx. 50 x 60 barn, located on 2 acres.

Photos if you


Recently remodeled, apx. 1,564 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 3.6 acres in Waynesboro with garage.

New metal roof, new siding, some new carpeting and linoleum. Good area. Priced for quick sale due to
job relocation, the home is empty and can be moved into immediately.

For more details and photos
click here
Foreclosures Surge in February to Reach Highest Monthly Level of the Foreclosure

Wednesday March 11, 6:00 am ET  - Government, Lender Efforts Fail To Stem the Tide Yet

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Completed foreclosures in February reached the highest
monthly total since the foreclosure crisis began, soaring by more than 67 percent over January’s
reduced foreclosures, according to the latest U.S. Foreclosure Index released today.

In February, 121,756 new foreclosures were completed, up from 72,694 in January.

The U.S. Foreclosure Index also found the number of pre-foreclosure filings – the original filings that
can lead to a foreclosure – increasing to the highest monthly total since the foreclosure crisis began,
hitting 207,703 in February, up more than 24 percent from 166,860 in January

In various parts of the country:

Southwest: February was up more that 63 percent from January
Midwest: February was up nearly 90 percent from January
Southeast: February was up more than 46 percent from January
Northeast: February was up more than 138 percent from January
Other States (Alaska and Hawaii): February was up nearly 68 percent from January

Bottom line is .... even more folks out there with nowhere to live. There was just a KABC news story
reporting that in Anaheim the cheaper motels are now filled with families paying on a week to week
basis after loosing their homes and reported on the living conditions. One family of 4 they
interviewed had been there over a year.
SALTILLO Tennessee

4+/- ACRES - 4BR 2 BTH - 30X40 SHOP - POND

HWY 104- 2,000+/-sqft has four bedrooms and two baths. It’s in a quite community surrounded by great
neighbors. You can relax and take in the gorgeous views from the back deck overlooking the beautiful
back yard with the willow trees scattered around it or you can take a walk down to the pond and relax at
the stone patio overlooking the pond. This is a wonderful property and the home has a great layout with
a beautiful master and it is located within five miles of the Tennessee River at the Saltillo landing and
within five miles of a seven thousand acre wildlife management area that has great fishing and hunting.



This 7+acre property features a year-round spring-fed stream, a nice size pond filled with catfish, and
comes complete with ducks. In the side yard is a great garden spot along with apple, pear trees and
muscadine vines galore. There is a 27x30 outbuilding shop complete with electricity, ceiling fans and a
striking stone front. Outside is a unique stone grill for barbecuing. Huge trees covered in ivy provide
plenty of shade to the 3bd/2bath, 1400+/-sqft brick home, with the master bath having a new Jacuzzi tub.
The home has been remodeled with new carpet, paint, linoleum, doors, and has a large deck
overlooking the pond. Owner is presently clearing and fencing 6 acres for pasture for his horses. All this
is located on a quiet country paved road, about 10 miles to town.    
Photos HERE