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The Best Guitar Straps in the World
I may not have the "world's best amp" or the "world's best guitar" but I do have the "world's best guitar strap.

I looked for months for the perfect guitar strap.  

I have a closet full of straps older than even the earliest of my marriages.  Heck, some of them go back to junior
high school in the early 1960s!  I have wads of those typical Fender straps that came with many of their guitars.  I
have heavy leather straps, deco straps, fifties straps.  One aspect that they all had in common was that they
spent much more time in the closet than on my guitars.

I was in Guitar Center and Sam Ash one weekend, and literally spent  hours in their strap collections.  I saw great
ones, good ones, and ones that were just junk.  I wondered why the makers of very high end guitars didn't
include a great strap with the guitar at times.    Actually some of the great guitar and bass builders do at time.

So why not a quality guitar strap?  I am not in a financial position to have some of the world's finest guitars or
amps.  Maybe I was in a position to have the world's finest strap?  Something with attention to detail,
workmanship, and materials.  

I did not want glitter, spangles, space age material that looks like it would be best used as sheathing for wiring in
the bilge of a boat.  I did not want or need a stiff heavy tooled leather strap.  I did not want buckles or metal.  It
seemed that will every thing that I DID NOT want, the possibility of a great strap was closer within my reach
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I did not want glitter, spangles, space age material that looks like it would be best used as sheathing to cover wiring in the
bilge of a boat.  

I did not want or need a stiff heavy tooled leather strap.  

I did not want buckles or metal.  

It seemed that with every thing that I DID NOT want, the possibility of a great strap was closer within my reach financially.  
No silver, gold, jewels, or whiz bang "slide-o-techno-lockomatic-adjusters".

Custom stuff was out of the question.  It seemed that just like amps and guitars , there HAD to be some great strap maker
out there somewhere ... somebody who gave damn about quality and thought things through.  My second wife was into
horses.  Over six and a half years I learned the difference and value of a $200 English saddle versus a $700 one.   She
taught me about horses a bit, and about leather.

I turned to the folks on the forums over at Harmony-Central and Music Player.  I posted a query on who made the best
straps.  There were a lot of replies, and I thank all the folks in those forums.

I looked at the Levy straps, Franklin straps, and those seemed to "almost" fit the bill.  The El Dorado straps were pretty
impressive if I was in the market for a heavy tooled leather strap with big buckles ... but ever since my second wife left me,
and took her horses with her, I am not too much into saddle leather.  I also don't hit the Grand Old Opry stage all that

The Levy and Franklin straps were really nice.  These were a very strong consideration.  It was just a bit of a problem with
each one.  One model was maybe great if it didn't have one aspect, or had another.  The Levy 2" suede strap was cool,
but I wanted one 2 1/2", and multi layer but still soft and supple.  Their 2 1/2" model had a fish net center.  The Franklin
straps just did not feel quite supple enough.  The strap needed to be supple, yet have nice ends for wear and heavier
guitars, or guitars with a B or G bender (Telecasters).

This was getting harder than finding a great amp.   

Leather is interesting stuff.  If you look at the leather seats in my 1998 VW Jetta GLX, and compare the leather to the
seats in a Bentley Turbo R, you will see what I mean.

In any case, it was either a forum post response or my Yahoo search for "guitar straps" that brought up one company
called Moody Straps.  On one forum Moody was also mentioned.  I headed off to their website, and the price of $xxxxxx
seemed higher than the Levy strap.  I pretty much just forgot about Moody at that point for a week or so.   Then a fellow
wrote me at GT about the Moody strap.  I went back to the Moody website and looked closer.  Re-thinking my leather
analogy, and looking at the Moody photos, I had my interest peaked again.  Great stitching, the proper thread count ....
too few threads per inch and there is one set of problems .... too many TPI and it weakens the material in the base.  
Moody did this right.  Their leather looked soft from the bends in their photos.  You cannot do those sorts of bends with
thick material and have it lay that way.  The strap looked subtle and elegant, functional and well thought out.

This is getting a bit long winded.  To cut this a bit shorter, the bottom line is that after many hours of "strap research", and
a long time on phone calls with the strap makers, I purchased a Moody Strap .... in black leather with red suede backing
and stitching.  

By the way, dealing with Moody is very cool ... not some mega company with an impersonal way of doing business.  
Allison at Moody has been working with leather for many years.  She is just terrific to work with.

I looks like I may now have the finest strap ....  I am still looking for the best guitars and amps!

I have pulled some photos off the Moody website and put them here.  See the real Moody Straps website.  I am only
showing a few of the 2 1/2" straps, but they are also available in 4" models also.  The sort of non-pro photos are mine.  I
apologize to Moody if this is a poor reflection.
Well folks, on Saturday 11/22 my new Moody strap arrived.   It is a real work of art.  It was more pricy than a Levy or Franklin,
but trying to compare the Moody to these other straps is like trying to compare a Bentley or Ferrari leather seat with that of a
USA luxury car, and I am not talking Caddy, more like Pontiac.  

The Levy strap is great, and a great value for the dollar to be sure, but this Moody strap is truly a cut above.  

I paid $69.00 for the strap, which is the going rate direct, and to me it is worth every dollar and more.  I did not ask for any sort
of artist discount or industry discount.  If I hated the strap or thought it was overpriced I wanted to be free to say that.  If I loved
it I did not want anybody saying I was paid off.

The strap is amazing, does not slip but is moved easily when you want to move it.

The strap distributes weight as well as a wider or heavy padded strap.  I guess I was finally able to get "the best" of something
after 54 years on this planet .... well, then again, my Moore 24 was probably the best 24' ULDB ever to sail the oceans. ... so I
have been fortunate two times in my life.

The folks at Moody included some leather samples.  I made an attempt to take pictures of these.  Most know my photographic
skills leave a LOT to be desired.  My poor composition skills are only surpassed by my poor talent to capture color.  The blues and
reds are much more rich and deep than my feeble attempts illustrate.

In any case, feel free to click on any of my poor images below.
There are a few folks in Nashville
using this strap in this color just to the
left on Taylor Acoustic Guitars.  You
should see this strap on the guitar.  

I will try to get a photo of that up here
when I am able.
Okay - if you want custom stuff and
special designs and all of that sort of
thing just contact Allison directly as
they can do all that too.
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By the way .... that is Allison (the owner of the company) in the
photo here.