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Myles on the right and Loni
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the owner of Lapdancer
guitars and the creative
force behind the L.A. Guitar
Show and the Amp Show.
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Orange County Speaker -
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What's this above? - A visit at the end of
August 2005 from Ludovic Pierson with a car
load of amps made the trek to California.  I
was able to play with a new Champ, Tweed
Deluxe, and Low Power Tweed Twin.  I
compared my own Pierson Champ to the
latest build and the quality and tone is still
there in spades.  My big surprise was that
"my" amp was delivered.  You see it at the
right rear - gold grillcloth and wine tolex.  
This is the amp I designed to be built by
Ludo and I am more than happy with the end
result.  From the Jensen caps in the front
end to the speaker, it was designed with my
own twist on things.  Very wide range of
tones from a classic stance with more gain
and output on tap that you may expect - to
learn a bit more about Pierson Amps
The four photos above - To the left is John March ( who is a killer player (check out his website for his
bio).  We are in the process of blueprinting his Twin Reverb.  You can see his pedal board and if you look closely you can find the
exiled TS808 that has been replaced by a Zendrive (  In the right most photo with John is Loni Specter
( who dropped by to show off a new speaker cabinet of his own new design .... sorry, no details here, see it
at the May 2006 Ampshow ....  This is a cab that even my wife liked which says a lot.
The amp to the right below vertically and below is a 65 Amps London.   I am getting used to a new camera
so the focus is not as sharp as it should be.  On the right are two better photos from the 65 Amps website

I really cannot express how amazing these amps are.   The London was the star of 2005 NAMM and the
bigger Marquis the star of NAMM 2006.   The Marquis is also more than spectacular.

These amps sound and play amazing.   I first played the London at 2005 NAMM where I fell in love with the
amp.   Many of my GAB clients in L.A. and Nashville snapped these up as they were built. I waited a long
time to get my own but they ramped up production and did not loose an ounce of quality.  You would be
hard pressed to find a better built amp.   Touch sensitive to the max.

The London has a lot of headroom for a dual EL84 output section amp.   More than you'd expect.  Big
transformers that are of 65 Amps own design is no doubt a part of the recipe.   I love the Z Carmen Ghia for
many things but I also love the London with it's foot switchable boost and great trem.   The London is the
best of the Vox AC-15 on one side and 18 watt Marshall on the other side.  The six position color switch is a
piece of magic that lets you fine tune any guitar or pickup. Ghia & London - Take one of each and be a very
happy player each and every day.

If you want more of everything look at their 4xEL84 Marquee Club 35 watter.   Lots of great info on their
website.   Basically I cannot not put into words what these amps do so if you want to try it for yourself mine
is available for loan, studio work, or live gigs by asking me.   You will hear and feel the magic when you play
it much better that I could attempt to describe color, magic, stacked harmonics.
The red amp
above I consider
to be one of the
two  finest amps
in the world ... for
me anyway.  If I
could have only
ONE amp  I would
force it to be two
.... the Carmen
Ghia and a 65
Amps London
Since there will be some Brad Paisley information a bit further down on this page I thought I'd put some Doctor Z
amps here first.  Brad Paisley - no matter what your taste in music may be, if you are a guitar player you should give
Brad a listen.   Brad Paisley is a Dr. Z amp user.  If it is not clear from the percentage of Dr. Z amps in my personal
inventory I will say this .... All these amps are different, all unique, all masterpieces.  They are some of the world's  
finest amps.  CLICK ON THE CD COVER to head directly to Amazon for Brad's latest CD out Aug 2005.  I also have
Zac Childs shown here.  Zac has been with Brad for more years and covered more miles on the road with Brad than
he can probably remember.   In mid 2005 or so Zac left his full time road gig with Brad.   Chad Weaver now has those
duties and is doing a killer job.
Be sure to look for the "ask
Zac" column in Vintage
Guitar Magazine!  Great
Brad Paisley.  I don't care if you play rock, blues, jazz, country, metal or whatever.  This is one of the great players these days.  His song writing
skills are just as incredible as his playing.  Look at the writers credits on videos.  Brad Paisley is a writer.  Look how many folks perform the
material of others.  Brad Paisley is a pretty darn talented individual.

You may have seen Brad Paisley with other folks playing everything from clean country licks to hard rock.  He is a really versatile player to say the
 If you click on the CD cover you will be zapped to Amazon where you can hear some sound clips and purchase his CDs if that comes to

The second lower photo (click on this for an larger version) is Zac Childs.  Who you ask is Zac Childs?  Well, Zac is the man behind Brad's rig for
one thing.  But not as well known is that Zac is a killer player in his own right.  If you saw the ACM 2004 awards show in Las Vegas where Brad
performed then you saw Zac playing the electric guitar through one of Brad's signature red Doctor Z amps while Brad played acoustic.  I guess it is
not all that often when the headliner has his support team on stage in a show that was broadcast to millions on major network television.  I don't
know if that says more in regard to Zac being a killer player or suggests that Brad Paisley is just a great guy to work for and one that takes care of
his team.    In late 2005 Zac left the road with Brad and his duties were taken over by Chad Weaver.  Zac is now a producer, session player and
writes for Vintage Guitar Magazine.

For a lot more on Brad head to his website at for a lot more information
Maybe someday somebody over at CMT will steal my idea for a show about "the unsung
hero".  They can start with the guy here above, Tim Belew  There is more on Tim Belew
CLICKING HERE.  He is the driver of this 600 HP rig that gets everything to the shows.  
Nothing starts without Tim being there first.  CMT can also run stories on the great guys
that back up the headliner.  How about stories on folks like Gary Hooker (Paisley
guitarist), or the sound guys, or the techs that hold it all together like Zac Childs (who
also plays guitar at times).  Now don't get me wrong ... I think CMT is a great network but
I can only watch "the top 40 or 50 or 100" bar songs, love songs, done me wrong songs
just so many times!   Hey CMT ....  pick up a new addition to your audience with a show
like "Unsung Heros".
Dec 10, 2004 Kodak Theater Hollywood CA.  Load in for the
KZLA Peter Tilden's Christmas benefit show.  Brad Paisley,
Restless Heart, Dierks Bentley, and Mindy Smith.  It was a great
show.  It all starts with the equipment being there on time!
On August 6th 2004 Brad performed in Ventura CA.  This was a great concert.  Brad has two of the new Dr. Z Prescription "Extra Strength" amps in his current rig.  The Dr. Z
section of this website was updated with info on this amp and a lot more on Brad.  To see that fast
Above - some photos from the Dr. Z factory.  These are from the Brad Paisley website in an area where Brad speaks about his gear.

Brad, Dr. Z, and Zac Childs (Brad's right hand man).  Zac is also a killer guitarist in his own right.  On the right is Brad's new Prescription Extra Strength, known as the RxES.   
This amp is an update of the original Rx and was brought about in a very big way from Brad's requests and ideas working directly with Zac Childs and Dr. Z.  (Dr Z and Zac
Childs ... is that Z&Z or Z squared or?)  Take a look in Vintage Guitar Magazine these days.  There is a great new column "Ask Zac" that I am sure will be full of great tips and
info month after month.  Zac is a total gear guru, old stuff, new stuff, weird stuff too, BUT .... he is also a killer player !
If you want to see and hear an amazing live
performance, grab this DVD of John Mayall's 70th
birthday concert in the U.K in 2003.  

This is a chance to see Eric Clapton stare in awe
Buddy Whittington's playing and tone.  Buddy
plays his Dr. Z MAZ SR with his matching red Z
Best 2x12 cab.  This is one of those "must have"
pieces of work.  You will also be able to see what
a great amp in the hands of a great player can do.  

This is an amazing DVD.   Click on the photo to the
left to be taken directly to Amazon
Click on the CD cover
(right) to head to
Amazon for this great
Another Z amp
The killer player today and tomorrow?  Don't less this guy go by without a listen.  He is on Alligator
Records (the label that was Roy Buchanan's label at times).  Go see one of his performances
BEFORE you have to wait in huge lines and pay $200.00 for a ticket!

More on Michael in the Dr. Z amp area (Delta 88) in the Z amp section from "The World's Great
Amps button above.
Rebecca Lynn Howard

One of the most impressive talents today is Rebecca Lynn Howard.  She has a voice that is really something special.  She is also a prolific song
writer.  She has been up for Grammy and other awards.  "Forgive" was up for multiple awards.  Rebecca is one to keep your eyes on.

If you are not a "popular country" fan, her work is still very worth inclusion into any record collection.  Her recorded works are backed by some of
the finest talent and musicians in the business.
Erik Halbig (Guitarist, producer, was on the road with Sara Evans and countless other projects):   Killer guitar player PERIOD.   Be sure to check
out Erik's website link.  (Sometimes it has problems).   There is a lot of great info when his site is up.  Erik is a very versatile player to say the
least.  You can get his own CD off his website, and you can get some great books Erik has written.  If you want to go the Amazon route to get one
of his books, then just
CLICK HERE for one of his books.  There is info on Erik at Amazon due to his books.  For the others and/or this one too, try
(as it is up and down at times) to hit his website at
To the left - Trace Adkins and his band.  Trace is on the far
right.  I like this photo as it is from the "guitar players"
perspective with the "star of the show" farthest away and the
guitar players closer!   Two of the guitarists are "Mark" and the
driver on the tour is also "Mark".  It must get a bit confusing at
times to say the least.   
Click on the photo for a larger image.

Trace Adkins puts on a killer show.  
Click on the CD cover above to
head to Amazon for this great
In the picture above from the left:  Randy Hess (steel and obviously lap steel), john hill (fiddle and acoustic),
Mark Horne (guitar), Greg Baker (Bass), Mark Gillespie (guitar).   Trace Adkins is on the far right.  Not pictured
are John Spittle (drums from Ventura), and Butch Sunderlin  (keys)
Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting is now working closely with Groove Tubes

As of May 22nd 2002, Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting entered into a relationship with Groove Tubes. The requirement for a larger capacity of tubes
which had very close specs for my clients was beyond my equipment and supply resources.  
NOTE:  As of August 15th 2008 GT was sold to
Fender.  I left GT on that day.

A division was formed at Groove Tubes called the Special Applications Group (SAG).  The SAG will have a range of products and services
introduced over time.  The SAG is my group.

Currently available SAG products are the Matched Phase Inverters (the first SAG product), The SAG-MHG (Marshall High Gain kit), two kits for
Fender amps (FHG - Fender High Gain, and FST - Fender Soft Touch), and the SAG-TT Tone Trippler kit for studio use or just to give some new
twists to you amp's versatility with a ten second, no adjustment, no tools swap of V1 in your amp.  Any of Groove Tubes premium preamp tubes
can be ordered from the SAG to specific requirements.  I will be happy to work
DIRECTLY with any individuals to put together specific tubes or
tube sets for their amplifier.   The SAG tubes are also available directly off the GT website.

You may contact me either at my email here, or directly at Groove Tubes email from the GT website or at   or by
telephone after initial email contact.

My Blueprinting services will continue to be available as in the past by advance appointment.  Contact me directly for details.  In the case of any
amp blueprinting - you must be present the entire time the amp is being worked on.  This is a very interactive process just as blueprinting a
NASCAR race car for a specific driver.  It cannot be done over the phone or by sending the amp to me.
Patrick Selfridge - cool guy
... great player.  Now at
Mercury Magnetics

Patrick from GT on a PRS
22 trying out a Dr. Z Z-28
with Z 2x10 cabinet.

Patrick with a custom Tele
running over to a Fender
Deluxe Reverb.

Click on the picture for a
larger image if you dare.
Loni Specter on the left
(L.A. Guitar Show fame
Lapdancer Guitars
owner).   Now Loni is
The Amp

Myles on the right.

Click on either photo for
a larger image if your
stomach can take it.
Above right ; 5/17/04 - I am testing new S30 Reverb heads getting ready
to be shipped to a the GT Japan distributor.   My wife hates this picture
as she says I am wearing my "too short pants".

These are a cathode biased duet of 6L6GE tubes and a selectable front
end prebias for multiple gain structures ... clean to scream.  One of the
only amps where the front end gain structure can be changed on the fly.

On the left; Yes, I play acoustic stuff too .... also in this photo is Angela
Val Verde.  If you are looking for a killer female vocalist (she is also an
actress) for lead or harmony drop me a note.

Angela has been in numerous Broadway shows as an actress and she
was the headliner for two major cruise lines for their shows.  Her acting
might be considered a strong point but her voice is just stellar.  I use
Angela on many of my own projects for her vocal work.   As a front
person in a group she is really somebody to see.

Click on the picture for a larger image.
This is GT's Jim Wigle

Jimmy is GT's head amp designer but also has
his own line of amplifiers, killer pedals and
effects.  He does work and mods for more folks
than I can begin to mention.  When Jimmy is not
messing with amps he plays though them.  Jimmy
is a bit more of an aggressive player than most of
us other clowns at GT.  Over Jimmy's head we see
the GT founder and President Aspen Pittman.

More on Jimmy if you
I think this may be
how my wife sees me.

Click on the picture for
a larger image
I will always be stuck in the sixties in many ways
for the rest  of my life.
Rick Benson.  If you are in the music bizz you
know Rick Benson.  Rick is not all tubes, amps,
and guitars!   He is a straight shootin' cowboy
who can ride, rope, shoot and play the part in any
western cowboy movie.   If anybody can tell me
three titles of movies he has been in I will give
you a complete new set of tubes for your guitar
amp.   Rick is the head of sales and the head of
A&R at GT.   For a list of the folks he has to "ride
herd over"  
Click for bigger images

Implied Images
Working at GT is not all work and no play.  This are some of the fun times at GT.  Some
of these photos are older and do not show all the equipment.  The room is always
stocked with all the GT amps as well as an ever changing inventory of amps from
Aspen's personal vintage collection.  Keyboards include about 3-5 synths on stage, a
Hammond B-3 with TWO Leslie cabs, a classic tuck and roll Kustom keyboard and
others.  There is a full acoustic drum kit on stage and a full electronic drum kit on stage
with it's own amp setup.  There is a full PA system, monitors, and the room is mic'd and
patched into the studio.  
Click on the picture for a larger image.
Greg Leisz playing a
Pierson Tweed Champ.  
Greg played a lot of
different amps and this
seemed to be the one that
got him the most excited.
Doing a bit of blueprinting work on one of Carl's amps.  He had a very nice Strat.  By the time we were done we wondered
what a Tele would sound like.  On the right is Carl playing one of my Teles.  If you look below the switchplate you will see
a little photo sticker.  The big version of the photo is somewhere above.   There is a lot more on Carl at his website at
Click on any of the pictures for larger ones.
There are hundreds of pages on this site ....  this is just the first main page.  Don't worry if you found something once and cannot seem
to find it again.  I do not delete things.  Even I forget where I put things but they are here somewhere!
It doesn't get any better than being able to play with a guy that
may be one of the top ten guitarists in the world.  

Seriously ... Jeff Lund is known by a lot of folks and has to be
the most humble player on the planet.  A compliment will
usually get a Jeff response of "get outta here, I'm way out of
practice" or something like that.

Many years ago there was a documentary done on Roy
Buchanan called "the best unknown guitarist in the world".  
Now that Roy is gone I refer to Jeff Lund in this way.

A master of every style; give him a Ricky and Vox and it's
instant Beatles.  A Strat and Fender and its SRV or Hendrix.  A
Les Paul and Marshall and just name a group from that era.

I don't have Jeff on my "best players" page in here as many
don't know him, he does not record and is one of those
unsung heros that just play with friends and takes a studio or
recording gig now and then as a favor to friends.

Two of my life's great moments are - getting Timothy Leary's
autograph (my only autograph) and playing with Jeff Lund.
I will always be stuck in the
sixties in many ways for the rest  
of my life.
Brad Paisley's rig at the October 1 & 2 2005 Los Angeles Gibson/Universal show.  Brad played with Sara Evans and Sugarland.  It was a great show.  
Taking care of Brad Paisley and Gary Hooker's rigs was Jody Harris and Chad Weaver.  They did a killer job and everything sounded typically
superb.   If you have not done so already grab a copy of Brad's latest "Time Well Wasted" CD.  Listen closely to "Time Warp" ... no tricks here ... they
do tis LIVE ... for real!   Click on any of the photos above for a very large version of the image.
To left three above shots are of the inside of a Fargen Blackbird.  This is something of a hand
wired Fender BF but Ben Fargen uses top notch components and construction such as stainless
steel machine screws and locking nuts for a start.  Ben has a lot of models and a great custom
shop too.  This is one of my favorite and most used amps.  More at
Jack's favorites

Above right is Jack's dual amp setup in his room.   A Pierson Champ ( on the left and Dr. Z Mini Z on the right
(   On the left Jack is playing his '62
Fender slabboard strat through his favorite "downstairs amp" a 65
Amps London (
This spot reserved for the next Carl Verheyen Workshop

If you are ready to take the next step forward in your playing, this seven hour
intense workshop may be just the ticket.  This is an intense 7 hour day (with
lunch) that covers all aspects of electric guitar playing, from rhythm and lead
playing to live and studio work and the gear required.  All ages and levels are
welcome but the class is limited to 25 people.   I am not sure, but I think this
all day workshop is $135.00 which is a pretty amazing bargain!   Keep an eye
out for Carl's DVD that was shot 1/28/05.  I was at this show and I think this is
going to be an amazing DVD in full surround sound, a must for any guitar
player.  If you don't play guitar, no worry!  You'll love the show, the songs and
the performance.  This was one of the best shows I have been to in a long
time  The band was very tight.  The tone was pretty spectacular and their
recording system was about as good as it gets with no expense spared.  
This DVD will be a classic.  For more info on Carl Verheyen hit his website at
Many of you know that boats have
always been a part of my life.  For many
years I was a licensed yacht broker with
Purcell Yacht and Ship Brokers and
also worked closely with Camper &
Nicholsons who are global.  These
folks have been around since the
1800's.  If you want to charter or
purchase a great yacht just click on the
white C&N banner to the left.  If you are
in the USA you can also call my friend at
C&N; Diana Mares in West Palm Beach
1 561 655 2121.  Check out the C&N
website for a lot of interesting info.
This website was started in February 2002.  Since then, as of March 2006 over
2,000,000 folks have visited this website.  These are not
"hits", these are individual
unique visits.

This site accepts no advertising of any sort.  If I believe in a product I may list it here.  

I generally refrain from saying bad things about a product.   On rare occasions I may say
something if I feel it will help a musician avoid problems
Latest Concert Photos or Photos of Interest - click on them for larger versions
This is Erik Halbig.  He was one of two of Sara Evans'
guitarists for three and a half years.  Erik is a killer player
and also the current producer for the new Tanya Tucker
reality TV show.  Erik has some great books and a great
CD.  There is more on Erik back up the page a bit as well as
Amazon links to his books.
Casey Pollock left above.  Also with Sara Evans.  These shots were in late October
05.   October 1,2 05 Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and SugarLand (right photo above)
were together in a concert as this one.  Brad Paisley was also at this concert but not
shown here.   At the October 1st concert Casey played a solo at the end of one of
Sara's songs using his Matchless amp with a Zendrive pedal that was one of the finest
guitar tones I have ever heard.   I will have more on this pedal in the future.  The
Zendrive was in use by Brad Paisley, Gary Hooker (Brad Paisley), Erik Halbig (Sara
Evans), and Casey Pollock (Sara Evans).    Killer Pedal.  More on these at