Updated 17 NOV 03
Guitar Makers
Perhaps the most amazing lap steels I have ever seen or heard,
these guitars from Lapdancer are just killer.  Complete custom
instruments, bolt on conversion kits for most Tele, Strat, and other
bolt on construction guitars, really sexy slides, and more.

Click on the Lapdancer logo at the left to be transported directly to
the official website.  Click on the other two photos below for a
larger image.
Neely Custom Guitars
David Neely has been around for a long time.  He is about the only one I usually let work on my own
guitars.  He is a master craftsman that does not charge an arm and a leg, and on top of that, he has
great "people skills" ... meaning, he is a great all around fellow to boot.

You have probably heard him play before, as he's a pretty accomplished Nashville fellow, so I guess
he is one of the few that can fix, build, design, modify, and PLAY the guitar.

After being back in Nashville for a spell, he is now back here, and his address and phone are here:

7424 Sunset Blvd., Suite #1
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: 323 850-7043

For those of you that have seen my red Telecaster, David is the fellow that did all the work on that
guitar (including countless changing of the front pickup as my tastes changed from Fender to
Gibson to Gretsch).  The Sunburst Les Paul Custom that was 1 serial number away from Frank
Zappa's guitar I had, David also did the work on that guitar.

In the upcoming weeks, my guitar clinics will be held at his store, located right in the middle of
"Hollywood Music Row" .... on Sunset at Gardner .... upstairs from Mesa Boogie.

During the free amplifier clinics, David will be offering a special deal on guitar set-ups which are
normally $60.00.   During the clinics he will be offering the setup at 50% off, or $30.00.

At the clinic you will learn the following about your amplifier:

1. Clean power in watts

2. Maximum power in watts

3. Noise floor - if your capacitors are good or starting to go bad, and this uncovers some other
potential problems.

4. Transformer testing of the power transformer and rectifier section.

5. Output tubes checked for matching and wear.

6. Phase inverter checked for balance.

A card will be given with the results, which if you are thinking of selling your amp to another person,
a store, or on E-Bay, will help attest that your amp is in good condition.

You can learn more about David, and his EXTENSIVE client list at:

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