Making tubes in the USA at Groove Tubes.

The equipment below is at the Groove Tubes factory in San Fernando California.  This was
purchased from the General Electric plant in Owensbourough Kentucky when the plant was shut
down.  The GE 6L6GE and 6CA7 were made originally on these exact machines.  

Click on any of the photos below for a larger image.
This is one of four Hydrogen ovens that can get to some pretty
darn high temperatures.
This is the pump down station.  Part of the long service life of
these tubes (the GT 6L6GE) is a very high vacuum.  Rather
than just using a diffusion pump as current tube production
factories, there is a turbo molecular pump that turns at 70,000
rpm inline, after the main pump can do no more.  As you can
see, this is not high production - a lot of hand care here.
The lower section of this pump down station.
The power supply to flash the tubes.  Water cooled.
Other photos - including the sealing station, and single sealing station for short test runs and
experiments, the grid #1 and #2 machines (the gold wire is for grid #1 in these photos), and more.