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If you need some of the more popular GT items, or just want more information, the links
below will get you to the right place.  GT also has secure online ordering for the items in
their product lines.
At Groove Tubes, I head the SAG (Special Applications Group).  This is something of a Custom Shop,
R&D, and Test group rolled into one.

The SAG has been described in this website in various places, and more on the SAG is noted in a
few of the items on the GT website links below (in the preamp tube area as one example).

If you have specific requirements for tubes with very specific characteristics, specialized testing, or a
unique requirement, please contact me directly toll free at 1-800-459-5687.  I can also be reached via
email by
CLICKING HERE.  If you place any type of online order from the GT website, there is a
comments box where you can direct comments to me .... just say .... "Myles ............"

The SAG cannot turn items over in record time.  The requests are first come first served, but I will
always give all a time estimate and will NEVER be later than my estimate.  (I spent too many years in
the computer business with slipped schedules, and don't like them).
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GT Premium Selected Preamp Tubes   (including SAG Tubes and Services)

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GT Rectifiers / Tube and Solid State

GT Substi-Tubes and adaptors

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