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Maybe the best tone
improvement which will
instantly improve your playing if
you use a pick

Pretty darn amazing guitar picks .... if you want
something unique and special, check these out.

Lets face it ... we all like to have something
"special", a "one off", or something unique.  
Sure, a Tweed this or that, or a 59 sunburst
something or other, is out of most of our reach,
but these picks are within reach.

Each of these picks is unique, and one of a kind.  
Sure, they sound amazing, don't slip out of your
hands, and last forever (the material alone has
lasted a few years to say the least), but the are
also very lovely, with subtle color changes,
textures, and bands of shading.

Try one of these .... simply stated, they are really
quite amazing.

For more infomation and details,
DITTO – The Swiss Army Knife of the recording studio and for live
performance to the house system

Try one of these like this - Take an original digitally recorded track, reroute it
through the DITTO, and reproduce it to another unused track area.

Now listen to the difference.  Look at the difference.  You will notice that the DITTO
re-recorded track lost NONE of the original material, has more dynamic range,
sounds much more open and alive, and has lost the  hash and noise on the wave
form display, but retained all of the material of the original program source but
even more harmonic content and clear detail.  

Why is there less on the display?  Zoom in on the “missing” part of the waveform.  
LISTEN to only that aspect of the sound.  I think you found it was clicks or noise, or
whatever you want to call it … but in any case, stuff you did not want and stuff that
did not help your sound.   Try plugging a POD XT or other digital sound source into
one of these before you go to the board or the amp, or to dircect recording,
bypassing the SS board components altogether.  You may be surprised.  These
are also great for bass, acoustic guitar, and keyboards ... in the studio or LIVE to
the house system.  These can run signal down a cord easily the length of two
football fields.
For more information on the DITTO or The
Brick,  including pricing, the manuals,
reviews, and press releases, just click on
the little DITTO box below on the left, or The
Brick on the right.

At 2004 Winter NAMM, the DITTO's big
brother, The Brick will be shown for the
first time.  A DITTO with more features and
onboard phantom power.
For ViPRE info and manuals
click on the ViPRE to the left
Well folks .... as I write this is it November 18, 2003 and that means the holidays are just around the

Looking for things for friends, and for myself too, is always a bit of a hassle.  Sure, we all want that $5,000
or $25,000 piece of gear, but for most of us in the music bizz, or in any business in most of our cases,
these items take a bit of a stretch.

So, on this page are also going to be some cool gift ideas, whether it is the holiday season or not.

Some you see above, such as the cool Tusk Buffer picks .... the DITTO Box (soon to be replaced by "The
Brick", The ViPRE (if you have a wad of cash), some great Zvex effects, and the Smooth and Slim.  
Further on in this area will be other cool items that I will include as I am able.
Voodoo 20/20 Instrument Cable Now Shipping!

Info from Voodoo:

We have spent a exorbitant amount of time testing our instrument cables with countless vintage and modern amps as well as
with numerous effect pedals and rack mounted units. We based out tests exclusively on the quality and integrity of tone. As a
result we proudly introduce the all American made Voodoo 20/20 Series Instrument cables!

"Be on the cutting edge & get connected now!"
Special introductory price: $15.95 ($29.95 MSRP)

  * Top of the line Belden 20ga instrument cable
  * Length 20ft (10ft & 15ft cables available on request)
  * Free yourself from unwanted noise & outside interference.
  * Get more of the pure tone of your guitar going into your amp!
  * Black cable w/blue shrink wrap (connectors are not shrink-wrapped)
  * 100% American made
  * Life Time Warranty
  * G&H Industries connectors feature "Copper Core"T technology. This means no loose grounds or broken tips and
the                       highest fidelity signal transfer.

Credit card orders please call 607-256-0465. We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover. (PayPal also accepted - Must add 3%).

Our reputation for quality and tone is what has made us a leader in tube amp modification and design. The Voodoo 20/20
Professional Series Instrument Cables proudly stands up to that reputation.

"Get Connected" - Call now to order your cable!

Voodoo Amps
140 Honness Lane, Suite A - Ithaca, New York 14850
Shop Line: 607-256-0465
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM EST
WEBSITE: www.voodooamps.com
Also this weekend (late Nov 2003), since this is the "gift idea section" of my website also, I thought I'd
pass on a bit of a personal story.

Many of you folks know a bit about me ... and many of you have been to my home for clinics when I
have them there rather than at stores when I want to keep them smaller.  Some of you have met my
wife, and even offered your sympathy to her for the state of "her house".  Well, let me defend myself
and say she has her issues too!  She is a bargain shopper .... she knows how to stretch a dollar.  She is
not one of those gals that buys herself a lot of "stuff", but always looks great somehow in her clothes
purchases.  She is a coupon master.  BUT .... a few times a year she looses it.  The "after holiday
bargains" ... you will find here there.  If there is something like cheese balls that normally sell for
$15.00 per box, and if they are on sale for $1.00 per box, she will find them ... and bring home a carload
of them.

The school for one of my kids, recently (last Friday night 11/21/03), had their annual dinner dance and
silent auction.  Our entire family has some food weaknesses .... candy, chocolate, and ice cream.  I
won't go into what she won last year too much ... the "$75.00 all you can eat for four people" at a ice
cream / soda fountain place.  Let me just say that my wife, even at 100-105 pounds, can eat ice cream
and take on anybody out there.  But even she failed to use up the $75.00 limit.

To move on, this year, for her winning bid of $120.00, was a "candy basket".  When she pulled up to the
house around midnight, she needed help getting her "basket" out of the car.  I went outside, she said
it was "heavy", but I did not expect over 90 pounds.  I even tried to wake the two kids to see this thing
once I got it in the house!

In any case, I had my camera as it was the weekend, took some photos of the basket in tact, and later
the next morning with things spread out a bit.

If you look at the items spread out, notice the calculator!  Later in the morning she added up the items
with her known prices or estimates to see how well she did.  There were five Sees Candy certificates
in there, as well as a box.  This stuff alone goes for $15.00 a pound in So Cal.

In any case, feel free to click on any of my poor images below.
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