Updated 7/17/03
Friends, Photos, and Soundclips
This page will be for photos and soundclips from friends, people I have met via the
Internet in my forums, and if you just want to have something posted of have a link
you think would be nice to share with others.

If you have a link, just email it to me with a short description ... if its a soundclip, I'd
also prefer the link to the soundclip as some soundclips can be on the large side ... if
its a photo, you can send the photo (in .jpg ... NOT .bmp as they are too big), or you
can send a link to the photo.  Please send a description, and any text you'd like to be
included with the photo.

This is Keith ... also known as
SQUAREHEAD on the forum.  He's a
pretty cool fellow, and I sure can't fault
his taste in amps... though I'd think some
of his neighbors might have problems
living too close!

By the way, the guitar in the picture, is
for sale.  If you are interested, get on
the music forums and search for
"squarehead", and leave him a post or if
that is too hard, send me your email and
I will be happy to forward in on to him.

By the way Keith ... free adjustments
anytime on your Marshall ... not to
distract from the other amps, but I have
a soft spot in my heart for those era of
Here is Keith with Van Halen.  There is a
story behind this ... as Keith puts it ... his
big chance when he blew it ...   Maybe
somebody can pry the rest of the story out
of him :)
Keith with Jeff Beck ....

Frankly, if you want to trade me some of
your amps, I'd be more than happy to
not only introduce you to more folks
that are pretty well known players, but
will also probably get you to be able to
play with some of them ... not in a
concert I'd think, but at least in private,
or with a small audience.

Hmmm .... What other amps do you
have?  Actually, we can start with any of
the three above !
This is Tom Dunn with Sammy Hagar.  
No .... they are not related, even
though they sort of look alike :)

Tom has what may be the best
sounding 5150 II around.  He plays in
the style of Van Halen with a few twists
of his own.  If you have a 5150 and
want a few tips (even the folks at
Peavey think his amps are some of the
best examples of what these amps can
do), drop me an email and I will forward
it off to Tom.

Currently when Tom is on tour, he has
been using either his 5150's or his
Custom Audio Electronics (CAE OD
100)  stuff.  He's also a pretty great
Marshall fellow too.
Ludovic Pierson (the tall guy in the
picture).  French guitar player rated in
the top 25 French rock players
something or other, (1999, 2001,
2002) by some French certification
group I cannot pronounce or spell.

Ludo primarily uses a Rivera Quiana
with KT-66HP's in it most of the time,
but will switch to Svetlana 6L6's for
some situations.  His V1 is a
Telefunken and he swears by
matched phase inverters.   His Quiana
is set up in a similar way to the folks
with Prince and Madonna that use the
Quiana, but there are a few bias twists
and a few other adjustments that I
have been asked not to mention.  All I
can say, is on channel 2, with the
boost off, and the master at 8-10 and
the gain (volume) on about 3-4, this
amp is the magic ticket for the blues in
his hands with his 335 style guitars.

Some of his other inventory items are
Mesa Boogie Blue Angel,  Hughes and
Kettner preamps, Lexicon effects,
Groove Tubes Speaker Emulator, and
other outboard classic units like the
Roland GP-8 and VP-70 on
occasion.   Ludo,  when left to his own
tastes and not on some sort of
assignment,, uses the guitar - cord -
amp method, staying away from any

His guitar collection is also pretty
extensive.  He prefers Music Man
guitars with active EMG's, but also
plays Epiphone thinline hollowbodies
(Sheraton II I believe), and has the
Sunburst Les Paul Custom guitar that
came off the Gibson line one serial
number away from the "sister" guitar
which Frank Zappa played for many
years and is seen in some
photographs of Mr. Zappa.

As a player, Ludo has the sound of
the 80's, 90's and today but is still
working on the endurance and
patience skills of the 60's.  He is still
not there on rambling sloppy 40
minute non-stop rides from the San
Francisco Acid Rock era, but I work
with him on this as much as I can.  He
is normally too articulate and precise
for this, but after a few bottles of wine,
I can get him to get a little more in the
spirit of the 60's.  He's young (his dad
and I are the same age).... but he has
60's promise :)  I may be old, but most
of these kids cannot play non-stop for
4 hours on the same song!

Ludovic is also one of a few on
location recording engineers I use for
live recording.

Ludovic is also a Master Chef  as a
side note.

To the left is my personal rig that
Ludovic used for some of my Tusk
Buffer pick testing.
Not all of my friends are in the music business!  This is up in Placerville California.  This is the "rig" of Jay Kinney, a
LONG time friend.  Jay is a great singer, and a fair guitar player.  He was an Olympic bike rider, and for a few years I
was his "handler" for Velodrome racing.  He is a fine skiier, and my longest rides down the Bunny Slopes at Mammoth
were on the back of his skis hanging onto his waist.

Jay and I have an informal competition going, on who can be married the most times.  He is almost up to my count,
but I am still behind his dad.  Christopher Lloyd (actor, producer, remember Taxi?...), was one of his uncles or
relations or something due to all his dad's ex-wives.

Jay is also an avid sailor, and many fine times that were not all that musical were spent up in the Seattle area on his
father's boat.

This is just here because ... well ... Jay is a great friend, and this is, after all, my "friends" section.
This is Jay's daugther Anne on the tractor above.   I was at the hospital when she was born, and was able to get in to
visit when it was only supposed to be the "immediate family" as in... THE FATHER only.  I went to the nurse and
explained that there was a misunderstanding, and that I WAS THE FATHER, which caused a scene at the hospital
(and my real wife who was with me at the time was not all that amused), but was finally granted access.  I guess I was
one of the first to see Anne come into the world.

Jay also has two older kids, a son and another daughter, down in the So Cal area.  His son Aaron is a guitar player
who was doing poor to fair, due to his other avtivities of being in school, working, and being generally lazy.  He was
always something of a goof off .... preferring cars to guitars.

Aaron ... if you see this or if your dad sends this website to you, call me you dork !   Aaron ... if you don't call me, I
will be sure to tell all sorts of other little "deatails" about you here.
He may have a lame
expression on his face, but this
fellow, is perhaps
.  This is Jeff Lund.  
He is over at Norman's Rare
Guitars.  When I finish am amp
that has to be PERFECT for a
wide range of styles, I call
upon Jeff.  Put a Tele in his
hands in a Fender Twin
Reverb, and out comes
country licks to perfection.  
Give Jeff a Rickenbacker and
Vox, and instant Beatles.  A
Strat and Marshall and he is
Hendrix .... Strat and Fender
and it's SRV .... Tweed Deluxe
and Les Paul or 335 and it's
Blues city.  He is perhaps the
most versitile player I know,
and does more with a $25
acoustic throw away than most
can do with any rig at all!

If you are in Southern
California, drop by Norm's and
toss a $5.00 bill on the table,
get Jeff to play something for
you, and get his autograph ....
some day it will sell for a lot on

I still need to get Jeff to write
out something that proves he
is the one that did the setup on
my ES-335, as when I am
dead, it will be worth even
more with a paper like that!
Charlie Kittleson (Vacuum Tube Valley)
and killer blues player, playing the GT
S-30 Reverb class A amp (2 6L6GEs)
when it was first released.

A great rock and blues player, he plays
quite often in Northern California and in
the Marin area.  Go see him if you get the
Aspen Pittman (Groove Tubes
President and founder), Terry
Buddingh (Bass Player and Guitar
Player Magazine editors and writer),
Eric Barbour (Vacuum Tube Valley
and Svetlana Engineer in the past),
and some guy in the background.
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