Some of my equipment
This is the more commonly used things, additional photos of some of the
less used vintage amps and guitars available on request.

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This area was a wet bar.  The sink is under the Mesa 1x12
cabinet now.  Various amps sit up here ... as well as down
below where the fridge used to be.  Currently (July 02) on here
are a GT S45 on top of the Mesa 1x12 cabinet, a VOX AC-1, a
purple lava lamp, a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass from San
Francisco, a Marshall JTM-45 and a Marshall 4x12 newer
cabinet, an AVT series I think, that I am experimenting with.
Rivera Fandango/Quiana modified amp on top of a SUB-1 sub
woofer system.  The amp is a head, which is not a stock item.  
It is a "100 watt" head that is closer to 150 watts (look at the
transformers).  It uses 6L6's rather than the normal Fandango
EL-34's.  It has increased plate voltage, and a few other mods.  
This is my "medium amp", sort of a 3/4 stack, as it is used with
the powered sub-woffer with its own 300 watt amp, and a
Rivera CS410 ported cabinet that is very efficient, more so
than any 4x12, and has a removable section to use the top 2
10's as open back when wanted.

The front has been removed to show the transformers and
tube compliment.  The idle current ranges from 160mA to
180mA depending on requirement.

This is a very loud rig and has been used fairly extensively by
a lot of folks.
This is the "big amp" rig.  The top is a Rivera TBR-1M.  It is a
120 watt stereo amp, with EL-34's.  In its largest configuration,
the top amp powers four Rivera 2x12 angled arrays.

The bottom amp is a TBR5, slaved off the TBR1M.  You can
use either, or both.  The TBR5 is 320 watts stereo, at 160 watts
per side, but typically will bench much more power.  As an
example, an Ampeg SVT with six power tubes is rated at 320
watts.  This amp uses eight 6550A GE's and has a rating for a
total posted rating of both sides the same as the SVT.  This
amp in its full configuration adds an additional four 4x12
cabinets to the four 2x12's above.  Two Rivera 4x12's are used
and two Marshall 4x12's, for a total of 4 2x12 cabinets and 4
4x12 cabinets.

There is an effects rack that goes with this amp and is wired
in full stereo using two Rane SM:26 mixers to allow sends and
receives from each channel to and from each effect to be
optimum for s/n levels.

This amp can cover the Hollywood Bowl without being
reinforced by their sound system.

This amp is not used all that often, other than by my ten year
old, who uses the TBR1M top in low power and triode mode to
give about eight watts per channel, through a Rivera 2x10
open back stereo cabinet.
Groove Tubes S-45.  One of my "blues and rock" amps, and
an amp borrowed a lot these days for folks that used pedals,
as the front end of these amps was specfically designed for
pedal use.

This amp uses either 6L6GE's, KT66HP's, or 6L6's most often.  
At times E34LS's are used with ECC83's in the front end, but
currently it uses 7025's in V1 and V2.

This amp has been modified a bit by me.
GT Single - a single ended class A amplifier which can use,
without adjustment or bias re-setting, 6V6, 6L6,  5881, KT-66,
KT-77, KT-88, 6550, EL-34, or just about any output tube to
change the sound of this amp in a few moments.  The
preamp tube compliment is also swappable.

Unlike the THD Univalve, this amp has an effects loop, a
master volume configuration, and a +20dB boost function
that may be activated with a footswitch or a pull on the
Volume control on the front panel.
ViPRE - For anything mic'd, and for all acoustic instruments
with a pickup that record direct.  I can't say anymore about
this preamp that has not been said in all the reviews and
testimonials from the top studios and engineers in the
world.  If you don't know about this, and how it differs from
anything else by leaps and bounds ... (go ahead and A/B it
with a Meeks or Avalon), then head to the GT website to
the studio section, look at the reprints, manuals, etc., in
the Vipre section .... or
click here to take you there.
THD Univalve and lastest generation Pro Tube Series Fender
Pro Reverb.

The Univalve is used everywhere, with an extensive tube
compliment.  Folks that borrow it for projects are allowed
three uses, and then they have to go out and get their own!  
:)     I use the Univalve as a stand alone live amp, a studio
amp, and as a stand alone preamp with a lot of other amps to
change the tone and gain structure of the slave amp.

The Pro Reverb is used as one of the medium amps, and is
very versitle with the Fender clean sounds and a higher
level of distortion in the gain channel.  There are a few tricks
with these amps in preamp tube choices, bias, and a few
tweeks here and there.
Fender Deluxe Reverb ( master bedroom amp ) with RCA
Blackplates and a sound that has been described too many
times by many others over the years, for me to add anything

A great blues amp that I play just about every day.  The only
amps I play more are the Tweed Deluxe from Mark Baier
(Victoria) and the Carmen Ghia from Doctor Z.
In the lower part of the picture ... a GT STP-G.  This is
something of a Fender Deluxe on steroids.  Same
transformers as the Blackface Deluxe ....  25 watts with 6V6's
and about 30 watts with EL-34's.  Tone controls that are more
extensive and wider range than the Fender, an additional
gain stage with more front end gain than my Mesa Mk 1., and
one of the world's unknown secrets as a stand alone amp,
even without the emulator functions.

This is the amp I play when I am in a Blues mood, and the
wife is reading in the bedroom so I have to go to the room
where this amp lives and play there.
By the time the end of August 2004 had rolled around I had
seen a lot of these amps.  

Ludovic Pierson had moved from the Los Angeles area to
Flagstaff Arizona (closer to Fender maybe)?

In any case, I finally had to grab one of these for my own use.
After all, every amp/studio arsenal needs a tweed champ,
doesn't it?

This one was the one I had to have as it is serial number 001
from Flagstaff (see the photo below).

The amp plays great and there is nothing I can say about
these that I have not said before.  This amp is just a
sweetheart.   More info if you
For a few more amp pictures and a few photos of my more
commonly used guitars
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