The 2005 Amp Show was a big success.   The 2006 Amp Show was even bigger and better!    And at the bottom are some
shots from the May 2007 New York Amp Show and later shows & the 2008 L.A. show
Thanks to Les Samuelson for many of the 2006 shots below  and Bill Bensen for the many of the October 2007 shots below - click an
any of them for larger versions
Ashley Danielle by Implied Images
I really do not want to single out individual amp builders as
they were all terrific folks and all have amazing products.   
But ..... I would like to point out the photo to the left here.    

To the right - This about as good as it gets ... two of the
most wonderful folks on the planet .... Phil Jamison of
Matchless (sure .. they are amazing amps and have been
since about 1987 and are sometimes thought of as the
folks that started the whole boutique amp revolution.   
Ashley Danielle (full time student, two degrees so far, 18
units in school, model, martial arts expert, dancer, top rated
gymnast, and yes ... she can even bias an amp!  Ashley is
also Miss 65 amps.  
Ashley Danielle by Implied Images
Amp Show - 1st annual!    May 7, 2005
Emily Walker  was  Miss Amp Show
2005.  Thank you Emily!   Emily
hails from sunny Southern
California.  This is the sort of
weather we have here in May.  
Maybe for the 2006 Amp Show we
will see more East Coast folks?

Emily is available for music video
work as well as CD cover or inside
artwork.  More on Emily
Amp Show Tone Wizzards Panel.   This was
the first time in music history that all these
folks were in the same place at the same
time fielding questions from a large group.  If
you missed it you missed something pretty

Front Row Left to Right:  Mark Sampson,
Aspen Pittman, Jonathan Herrera, Terry

Back Row left to Right:  Paul Rivera, Bob
Gallien, Myles Rose, Dan Boul, Don Butler.
Paul Rivera speaks .... Bob
Gallien seems to like the idea.  
Mark Samson is already
thinking of a way to improve
the idea and whether to build it
point to point or a new way.  
Aspen Pittman wonders if this
idea violates one of his many

Well ... this is my take on this
Dan Boul (65 amps) may be the youngest in
the group but he had some ideas that got
smiles out of the rest of us.  To Dan's left is
Don Butler.  I am not sure if he is laughing or
going .... "OH NO".  Don has a big hand in
the great 65 amps and maybe Dan just
came up with some new "feature" or idea
that will give Don many sleepless nights!
"..." I felt that you handled all the many details of the Amp Show with professionalism and poise...The show was a high quality event. I will certainly be one of the first to sign
up again, and also bring to the table (artist, giveaways, etc.) that I can to help achieve a bigger draw for the 2nd Annual Amp Show."


Benjamin Fargen - Fargen Amplification
This shot shows me going off on
some sort of rant about some
technical subject and Paul Rivera just
seconds before he said  .....  "So
Myles .... what was the original
question"?   Notice that I have put my
"boss" to sleep at the center of the
"Many thanks for a great experience at the AMP SHOW 2005! ...greatly
appreciate all the work you did to make the event successful. We would
gladly be a part of any of your productions in the future."

Thanks again and best of luck.

Jeff Earl
J Design Speaker Enclosures
Some of the first to arrive at
the discussions.  Thing got
more busy and heated as
the morning progressed.  
After two hours we had to
stop the talks as the bands
needed the stage.  One
great feature was that
everybody on the panel
made themselves available
for the remainder of the day
in their own areas for one
on one talks.
"Great show,..Great venue too. I can't wait until next year!"

Thanks for everything,

Terry Buddingh
Contributing editor Guitar Player Magazine
Emily (Miss Amp Show 2005) and two of the drawing winners.  A cool 1x12 speaker cab and
a Drive Bass amp.  

Drive Amps- Bass combo amp and Hoffmann Amps- 1x12 loaded cab with Celestion
G12M-70 speaker  to thank for these prizes.  There were a lot of folks that missed the prize
drawing but you will be contacted as in most cases the winner did not need to be present.  
Lots of other cool things as shown over at were given away.

Click on either of these photos for the full size image.
" Thanks very much for doing the Amp Show. It was very good for us.  Let me
know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future."

best regards,

Johnny Birkey
Rotosound USA
"Yah did good with the Amp Show. Looks like next year we'll be there."

Jason Lollar - Lollar Guitars and pickups
" ...Huge turnout of our target was a big
success! should do it twice a year."

Thanks Loni,

Mark Sampson
Star Amplification
"Big thanks Loni! The show was a blast and 65amps
sold a lot of product!  ...The hotel room concept was
brilliant and it made this by far, the best  trade-show
experience I've ever had.  No NAMM police walking
around pointing sound meters at was perfect!
Please let me know when the next one is and 65amps
will definately be there!! I think you should do two per
year,Spring and Fall, as this was a lot of fun and very
profitable for us."

Cheers Loni!

Dan Boul
"The show proved very sucesful for us...We made some sales of our new amps and high end guitars. The cost of
doing the show paid for itself 10 times over!"

Thanks so much,

Michael DeTemple
DeTemple Guitars / Blankenship Amplifiers
Hi Lonnie,

Here's my  2 cents, you can quote me:

I must say I had my doubts about an amp show.  In my experience amps never get enough respect and/or
attention and so I've been the lonely voice in the forest...until now!

Your Amp Show went off without a hitch for us.  You organized it very well,
and I liked the venue too (good food & drinks!).

We were busy from the 10am opening and stayed busy with interested customers listening to our amps nearly
non stop until 6pm.  We were almost TOO busy!

Next year I'll bring a few extra bodies to man the booth (3 was not enough!).

Needless to say, count me in for next year's show. Good job Lonnie!

Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes
Aspen Pittman - Groove Tubes founder and
First Ever LA AMP SHOW Gets Turned Up

On May 7, 2005  The 1st LA AMP SHOW was held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, California. Over 600 musicians descended on the venue to witness the first
consumer/trade show ever to focus on the growing guitar and bass amplification segment of the industry.

The show's producer, Loni Specter,(LA Guitar Shows) succeeded in creating an environment conducive to the specific needs relating to demonstrating amps at 'real world'
volumes. The solution was to offer private demo rooms to each manufacturer, enabling them to control the volume in their space without the hassles incumbent in an open
floor situation.

"The show was a blast and 65 amps sold a lot of product!" Enthused Dan Boul, partner in 65amps. "The hotel room concept was brilliant and it made this the best
trade-show experience I've ever had. No NAMM police walking around pointing sound meters at us, it was perfect."  "Huge turnout of our target was a big success."
said Mark Sampson owner Star Amps. "we could do this twice a year."

Participating in this inaugural event included; Aphex, Groove Tubes (sponsor) Gallien-Krueger, Matchless, 65amps, Starr amps, Rivera, Guytron, Mesa Boogie, Marshall /
Vox, Menatone, Rotosound, Drive amps, Fargen Amps, Demeter, Line-6, Tech 21, Randall and more.

Another history making aspect of the AMP SHOW was a morning seminar called "Tone Wizards" it featured a round robin discussion and Q&A session with some of the
industries most notable amp designers and consultants. "There has never been summit of amplification experts before, and many of these folks had never met before, let
alone discussed their take philosophy on design and theory" said Specter. The panel was moderated by Myles Rose of Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting and included Aspen
Pittman (Groove Tubes), Paul Rivera Sr. (Rivera amps) Robert Gallien (Gallien-Krueger), Dan Boul (65amps), Don Buttler (Toneman), Jonathan Herrera (Bass Player
magazine) and Terry Buddingh (Guitar Player magazine)

There were prize give-a ways from THD, Truetone Music, Smokey, Groove Tubes, Hoffmann, Rotosound, Drive, Dunlop, Z-Vex, Menatone, Smokey, DR-Z, Rivera,


Loni Specter

2006 L.A. AMP SHOW
Sam Austin in the
Valvetrain Amps room
Carl Verheyen in the Valvetrain Amps room
Loni Specter
The guy who put it all
Terry Buddingh (Guitar World, Bass Player,
Guitar Player magazines... thanks for the
shots!    The panel before everybody was
there:  L-R:   Gerald Weber (Kendrick Amps),
Mark Sampson (Star Amplifiers), Sergio
Hamernik (Mercury Magnetics), Mitch Colby
(Vox-Marshall), and Myles Rose (Guitar
Amplifier Blueprinting)
The 65 amps room

Back row - Billy Yates (killer amp tech and amp designer and a
great personal friend),  Lauren from
Saunders-Stewart-Models), Dan Boul (founder of 65 amps and
killer player), James Trussart (James Trussart Guitars), Carl
Verheyen (best guitar player on the planet?),
Front row L-R Emily Walker and Marlene from SSM
For Immediate release by Loni Specter

The 2nd annual LA AMP SHOW - May 13, 2006 - Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA

Nearly 700 guitar and bass players decended on the one day consumer music expo to plug in
compare the cream of the amplifier world. Some notable manufacturers were, Marshall, Camo Cabs,
Vox, Tech 21, Fargen, 65amps, E.V., Komet, Point Blank, Celestion, Peavey, Bruno Roland, and many
more.  Also exhibiting were a select few Guitar manufacturers such as; G&L, Minarik, Trussart, Thorn,
DeTemple, U.S. Master, Dusenberg and Lapdancer.

Many talented players in attendance including Billy Gibbons, Mark Goldenberg, Carl Verheyen, Al
Vescovo,Greg Leisz,

The most noteble event of the expo was the "Tone Wizzards II" seminar, an open forum on all things
amplifier. This years participants included, Phil Jamison (Matchless), Mitch Colby (Marshall), Sergio
Hamernik (Mercry Magnetics), Mark Sampson (Star), Gerald Weber (Kendrick) and Myles Rose

Prizes were given away on stage by: Hughes & Kettner, Peavey, Vox, Rex Bogue, Demeter, Menatone
and more.

Live music was performed  all day with sts by, Pat Kelly & Dan Sawyer, Mike Guererro, Ronny North,
Rick Brannon and an open jam to close the day.

Sound was provided by RAL Audio Services, Drums by DW,

An east coast show is in the planning stages.
Ronny Demoing
One of the bands by Terry Buddingh
Gerald Weber by Terry Buddingh
The Celestion crew by Terry Buddingh
Mr. DeTemple by by Terry Buddingh
Joey and Aspen Pittman by Terry Buddingh
The Marshall crew by Terry Buddingh
Mr. Mark Samspon by Terry Buddingh
Billy Gibbons and Loni Specter
Door pirze winners
The show was a success for us, as we sold several
amps, cabs and even a preamp!   Loni told me
yesterday that there might be a New York show. We
would also like to participate in that. Thank you and
Loni for making this venue available to manufactures.

2006 2nd Annual Los Angeles Amp Show

The May 13th 2006 amp show was a success.   It was larger than the 2005 show my far and there were many great times had by all who attended.   
As photos come in from anybody, they will be collected and a page will be built where they will be displayed.

To the folks that stole the photo posters that were for sale of the "Girls of the amp show"  ... shame on you.   If anybody out there sees these photos
or know who took them, if you let me know I will be happy to do some free work and supply you with some free tubes.   There were sheets for people to
sign up for each of these posters as a silent auction.   Each photo was a limited edition piece of artwork by Implied Images.   These were the property
of the models so in essence, you took money out of each of their hands.    

To the girls of the show ....  Ashley, Emily, Lauren, and Marlene ... a big thank you.    Implied Images will be doing a series of limited edition (100) of
shots on each of you (Ashley, Emily, Lauren - as you were in one of the Implied Images shoots).   These will be put up on the website here and folks
will be able to order them if the want a piece of this art.

More info in the near future at and by CLICKING HERE
The Girls of The 2006 L.A. Amp Show

These models are available for music video work, DVD print artwork or commercial modelling projects.   If you click on their icon below you will be
redirected to their page.
by Implied Images
by Implied Images
To see more of the work of Implied Images who shot the two left models above
Loni Specter Productions
From the amp show website -

Don "Tone Man" Butler  - An acknowledged master of amp and pedal "Mojo", he lends his talent for design to many artists and manufacturers (the latest being 65AMPS) He
also plays guitar in "Working Class Hero" THE John Lennon tribute band.

Bob Gallien - Owner/designer Gallien-Krueger.   Innovation, flexibility and reliability are synonymous with G.K. products Bob Gallien’s passion for perfection make this
company one of the leader in the amp world.

Jonathan Herrera - Technical editor "Bass Player" magazine.  Accurate evaluations of bass amp product, and our panel co-moderator.

Aspen Pittman  - Owner and founder of Groove Tubes - Almost single handedly responsible for launching the "Boutique Tube" phenomenon. Matching tube sets, and many
innovative guitar, amp, and studio recording products, make Groove Tubes an industry benchmark of excellence.

Paul Rivera - Designer/Owner Rivera Amps  - Designed amps for Fender in the early ‘80’s, including the legendary "Super Champ" before launching his own highly
successful brand in 1984.

Myles Rose - Owner "Guitar amplifier Blueprinting" / Tech consultant Groove Tubes.  His web site is an invaluable resource to all amp lovers Amp Show is proud to have him
as the panel’s co-moderator .

Mark Sampson - Designer/owner Star Amplifiers -  His original Matchless designs heralded the beginning of the return to the "Point to Point" wiring revolution. His new
company Star, takes it to the next level.

Dan Boul  - Partner in the red hot new "65amps" company.  Their booth at NAMM was buzzing (not the amps) with interest the entire event. Gets an AMP SHOW "New Amp of
the Year" award (if there was such an award).

Terry Buddingh - Editor Guitar Player Magazine.  Not just a terrific writer but a great player.  Terry knows what good tone is and when he hears it he is one of the very few that
can actually articulate this into writing.
2007 New York Amp Show

The L.A. Amp Show will be October 6, 2007 in Los Angeles

Watch here for details or check the
L.A. Amp Show website

More info in the near future at
The shots to the right
and moving down
from here are from
Terry Buddingh
Guitar World
Thank you to Mac Daddy 355 from The Gear Page for these photos

This is only a portion of the folks that were at the show

Loni Specter
Ashley is also the head of
Artist Relations at Guitar
Amplifier Blueprinting
The 2008 Los Angeles Amp Show

October 4th and 5th

Thanks to Gearjoneser from The Gear Page for most of these photos.  Click on any of the photos for a larger version.
Many more shots below from Denny Gerard who also has two great pages at
I snapped a few of these, the three left ones here.  George Metropoulos built the
classic stack on the right.