Implied Images -
I have looked at tens of thousands of photographs (maybe hundreds of thousands) over the years.  The work of Frank Murdock and Implied Images
stands out as some of the most remarkable work I have ever seen.  Frank Murdock is not only a world class photographer but he is also a top
architect.  Maybe that is where he gets his perspective.

There are a lot of model portfolios out there which have the same style of image repeated over and over.  These portfolios are not very effective and
in the long run can actually limit the effectiveness of your portfolio.  A great "book" with a dozen or two dozen selected and diverse photos is much
more effective.  This is much the same as most things in life; would you rather have a first rate diamond or 20 pounds of coal - an Aston Martin or a
dozen low priced cars.  I think you see my point.

I do not know if Implied Images offers a "selection service" but I would think about asking them if they would review any model's portfolio and advise
what to keep, what to toss, and what to improve.  This could be a very large benefit for everybody and perhaps they would think about doing this for
some sort of fee.  This would be money well spent from my point of view.

I strongly recommend contacting Implied Images at to look into booking some time if you need new images for your
Click on all the images below for a larger presentation.

Some of the work of Implied Images can be seen on their OMP page by CLICKING HERE to go to their OMP page.  This page is always in a state of
change.  I will also have some of their images on this page and will be continually adding to this page.  The official Implied Images website is at

Implied Images is in the process of many projects.  There may be projects for high end art books and there are ideas in the work for a number of
other projects.   Our own models will receive notification when they have a requirement for a specific project.

Implied Images is based in Salt Lake City but the also move around a lot!  Just because you are not in Utah that does not mean you should think that
they are not available for you.

An important note - Nothing shows off a professional model more than showing up to a prospective interview like a hard copy book
with your portfoilo in 8x10 or 11x12 photographs and bio or resume.  Every top tier professional model from any of the major
modelling agencies has their "book" on hand for these occasions.  The work of Implied Images will show your best examples of the
scope and range of your talent and ability.  The cost of putting together a professional book is a small expense if you are serious
about your career.  I see too many of the same images over and over.  Too many with busy distracting backgrounds.  Too many shots
"on the beach" where the model is just one element in the composition and not THE element.
This page will be continually updated
showing all aspects of Implied Images
scope of work.